Revolutionise your contracts.

nakhoda Rise is leading a revolution in the way legal contracts get generated, negotiated and analysed for business intelligence. From first draft to execution, Rise drives efficiency, data integrity and your bottom line.
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Delivering legal data intelligence.

Contracts are a valuable source of legal and commercial data. Until now, accessing and leveraging the data locked up in contracts has been a difficult challenge to solve. By capturing structured legal data at the moment of contract creation, agreements become a powerful asset for real-time decision making.

Best-in-class companies have 78% of their contracts in a searchable, central repository vs 34% for the rest.

(Aberdeen Group)


Introducing efficiency.

Rise enables high-performing legal teams to get more from their contracts. By distilling the essence of contract creation and negotiation into a streamlined workflow, Rise allows legal teams to increase their efficiency, reduce their email traffic and focus on substance over form.

Ineffective contract management costs businesses up to 9.2% of annual revenue.


20+ Fortune Global 500 companies and8 of the world’s 10 largest banks by assets*

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are using nakhoda’s products today

*(S&P Global Market Intelligence)

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How it Works

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Create your contract from a fully digitised version of your document, built using Linklaters’ in-built legal expertise.

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Work with your colleagues to make changes to your contract in our unique and efficient election interface.

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Invite your counterparties to negotiate on Rise, using digital commenting and versioning to eliminate email traffic.

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Manage and log approval requests on Rise, recording all sign-offs in the contract audit trail.

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Sign your contract offline, or online with e-signature from your preferred provider.

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Export 100% accurate and exhaustive legal data from your contract in an open data format, to inform future decision making.

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Focus on what matters.

Rise’s election view is an entirely new way to interact with your documents. Each election allows you to focus on a distinct commercial or legal point, whilst Rise deploys Linklaters' built-in legal expertise to take care of the drafting.

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End-to-end workflow.

Get from first draft to execution in a single platform. With bulk outreach for high-volume negotiations, built-in commenting, automatic email notifications and electronic signing, Rise incorporates powerful workflow tools to optimise your contracting process.

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Approvals and audit trail.

Keeping track of internal approvals can be cumbersome. By managing approvals for deviations and documents in Rise, you can streamline internal processes and capture a full audit trail of every sign-off received.

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Understand your legal data.

Rise captures legal data with market-leading granularity. Access a bespoke data model for your documents, in order to analyse insights across your document portfolio and inform your decision-making.

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Flexible APIs and open data formats.

Rise has been developed with full read and write API access, allowing you to easily customise and automate workflows and downstream data. Operational and legal data can be retrieved in open formats directly from Rise, or streamed directly into your existing systems with our flexible APIs.

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Protecting your data is one of our highest priorities. We offer both cloud and dedicated server deployments of Rise, in order to ensure exceptionally high levels of data security.

Where Rise is deployed on Linklaters' servers, all communications between our data centres operate over a fully resilient and dedicated encrypted private network. We also maintain a comprehensive set of security processes including physical security, system access controls, incident management, penetration testing, business continuity, secure disposal and a disaster recovery solution.

Linklaters is certified against the ISO27001 standard.

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About Us

nakhoda is Linklaters' in-house technology start-up. We build products designed to unlock the power of structured legal data.

With our unique combination of legal expertise and cutting edge technology, nakhoda is uniquely placed to help global corporates, financial institutions and industry organisations get more from their contracts. We have a presence in London, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Linklaters LLP
One Silk Street
London, EC2Y 8HQ
Hong Kong
10th Floor, Alexandra House
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Hong Kong HK
One George Street #17-01
Singapore 049145 SG
New York
1345 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY, 10105


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